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Total Solution Marketing Pte Ltd (TSM) recently organized a live demo to introduce its total solutions targeted at the hospitality industry. Held at Zepp@BIGBOX, on the 20th of November, more than 60 guests attended the full-day event to know more about the latest lighting solutions offered by Robert JuliatGlenn Wong, Managing Director of TSM delivered the welcome speech before handing over to François Juliat, Managing Director Robert Juliat, who introduced the company’s revolutionary new product “SpotMe”. SpotMe is a 3D tracking system which combines high-technology and human control over the lighting design and operation at the same time. It allows Robert Juliat follow spots to coordinate any infinity of different stage lighting fixtures to follower performers on stage without the need for on-stage/performer sensors or cameras. Robert Juliat Product Manager Ludwig Lepage then took over to demonstrate the features and capabilities of the new performer tracking system which is driven via a real follow spot. This innovative system uses advanced algorithms and calibration to interpret information sent from its onboard sensors to communicate with any PosiStageNet console, and then coordinates the identical movements of other lighting fixtures in the rig, even conventional fixtures with no feedback capability. SpotMe can also be used to set limits to avoid light spill into scenic or public areas, while iris movements can be converted into any other functions, such as automatic zoom. Robert Juliat Sales Director, Claus Spreyer, was also present at the showcase to assist the TSM sales team.

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