Ayrton shows its true colours

j5 productions

SINGAPORE: J5 Productions in Singapore has invested in LED profile fixtures by Ayrton. After a successful demonstration of these fixtures, a total of 24 Diablo-S 300W lighting fixtures were purchased from Ayrton’s exclusive distributor, Total Solution Marketing.

The Diablo-S 300W includes the colour rendition from the CMY colour mixing and 7-colour wheel, which creates a diverse range of colours, a gobo wheel, an effects wheel and a full framing system. This is specifically designed for stage applications as this is equipped with a monochromatic LED light source that is calibrated at 7,000K to generate up to 19,000 lumens.

‘Clients love the effects the Diablo-S gives,’ said Justin Tan, managing director of J5 Productions. ‘They are definitely a good investment for all our projects – launch parties, concerts, conferences and any type of live events. We will be putting them out on many more of our shows to impress more of our clients.’

Ayrton’s latest innovation, Diablo, is a versatile, feature-rich 300 W profile luminaire based on the ultra-compact Mistral format. The company has taken on the ambitious challenge of making Diablo the smallest, lightest and most efficient luminaire of its category. With a record output of 19,000 lumens and a total weight of 21.8 kg, DIABLO is a powerhouse of technology that will tempt the most demanding lighting designers.

Diablo is available in two versions: S and TC. Diablo-S, specially designed for stage applications, is equipped with a monochromatic LED light source that can generate extremely high output and metallic white light calibrated at 7000 K.

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Credits: ProAVL Asia