GOLDENSEA UV Products Available Through Total Solution Marketing

GOLDENSEA UV offers surface and aerial disinfection products using ultraviolet lamp technology to destroy and/or inactivate harmful bacteria and viruses. Compared with familiar disinfection methods using liquid and powder based disinfectants, ultraviolet disinfection lamps are widely used, extremely efficient and more convenient to operate. UV light does not only disinfect surfaces, air and water, but also eliminates mildew and mites.

UVC is short wavelength ultraviolet radiant energy. It forms part of the non-visible segment of the photobiological ultraviolet spectral band, between 200 and 280 nm. UVC with a wavelength of 200nm-280nm has proved to be the most effective disinfectant wavelength in the UV Spectrum. GOLDENSEA UV uses the ultraviolet spectral wavelength 253.7nm.

There are a series of six commercial based UV products to fit the needs of different requirements and environments. They are the UVL72, UVL150, UVL220, UVT72, UVM216 and UV4C. All of them offer highpower disinfection for spaces ranging from 20sqm to 240sqm. The UV4C is a UV cabinet with a capacity up to 59L that allows multiple items to be disinfected. All the products are designed with safety in mind.

The UVL72, UVL150, UVL220, UVT72, UVM216 have a motion sensor that detects any movement within 5 meters and immediately deactivates the lamp and sound an alarm. The systems also ensure a safe start by providing the user a two minute delayed start with audible alarms, one the disinfection time is set. This gives anyone within the premises enough time to leave the space. The manufacturers highlight that it is Ozone safe not leaving any residue as long as it is used in accordance with manufacturer instructions. All the products offer remote control that can be used through a wall and high quality lamp(s) with quartz glass tube that allows full transmission of ultraviolet light.

The UV4C cabinet also offers safe design. When the sensor detects the door open, the lamp is immediately deactivated. There is also a buzzer alarm to remind the end of disinfection. The cabinet comes with three drawable shelves.

The UVL72, UVL150, UVL220 and UVT72 offer wall and floor mounting options as well as accessories to allow the fixtures to be hung from a ceiling or placed on a tripod. The UVM216 is encased in a structure with integrated wheels for easy relocation. The UVM 216 has the added safety of detecting movements of more than 45 degrees, it will automatically power off, thus preventing heat damage to surrounding objects should the lamp fall over. The UV products are versatile to be used in any space including hotels, schools, theatres and gyms.

GOLDENSEA UV is manufactured by industry leading hi-tech lighting design and manufacturer Golden Sea Professional. Our large team of experts ensures quality, safety and performance are of the highest level. All GOLDENSEA UV’s products are CE, ETL and FCC compliant and listed.

Total Solution Marketing represents the product in Singapore and Thailand with Concept Audio appointed to handle the sales for the Malaysian market.

Credits: Entertainment Technology Asia