The C24 is a 24-channel power distribution unit that suits as wide range of applications and purposes, especially powering LED based lights and video displays.




The C24 is a 24-channel power distribution unit that suits as wide range of applications and purposes, especially powering LED based lights and video displays. Compact and with powerful features it gives you the flexibilty to adapt to a wide range of applications. 

A new standard

The C24 sets a new standard for portable power distribution with a powerful feature set not before seen in this size and price range for power distribution units. Features that will keep your equipment working under the toughest conditions and giving you the advantage in a competative and rapidly changing environment.

Superior circuit breakers

The C24 uses the same high quality magnetic hydraulic breakers as the smartPDU series. This gives the C24  better handling of in-rush currents, higher tolerance towards earth leakage currents and total independence to shifting ambient temperatures. The breakers have industrial grade protection against dust and humidity and can alos be used as disconnectors with full load.

All circuit breakers on the C24 have individual earth leakage current sensing (RCBO) which is a huge advantage when searching for problems in your setup since a fault only will affect the breaker on the problematic output. This approach also means you will be able to connect more equipment with switch mode power supplies with out “nuisance tripping” caused by earth leakage from the connected units.

The use of 2-pole, neutral dissconnect breakers gives you complete load isolation. 

Load indication

The C24 gives you individual load indication on all 24 outputs.

The load mesurement system detects the precense of a connected load as small as a phone charger and indicates connected load with a green LED on that output.

If the connected current is higher then 16A the output LED changes to red to notify you that you are now overloading the breaker on that output.

If the C24 is connected to the C-series interface all currents of all outputs can be displayed on a standard web browser for a more detailed view of whats really going on in your setup.

Comprehensive measurement

The input meter of the C24 gives you all the relevant data of whats happening on the main feed of the unit.

  • Voltage readings for phase to phase and phase to neutral.
  • Total current consumption and neutral current.
  • Energy measurement.
  • Temperature of the unit.

The input meter is connected before the main input breaker so you are able to verify all voltages before turning the unit on to protect you and your equipment. The meter is protected by a step down transformer so it can survive any possible overvoltage caused by an incorrect power feed.

Loss of neutral protection

Losing the neutral connection in a 3-phase system can cause massive overvoltage on some of the connected phases that most likely will lead to costly damage to the connected equipement.

The C24 includes the same loss of neutral protection that we use in the award winning smartPDU. The main breaker of the system instantly shuts the unit down if the system detects a problem with the neutral connection to prevent damage of the connected equipment.

Networked supervision

The C24 can be connected to the C-series interface to eneable users to monitor all channels  in real time with a standard web browser. 

  • The current load on a channels
  • Main input voltages
  • Main input currents
  • Neutral current
  • Temperature of the unit
  • Status of the main breaker

The C-series interface and the C24 integrates completely into the web-interface of the smartPDU series. 

Convenience sockets

Outputs 21 to 24 are connected in parallel to the multipin connectors with single phase outputs to give you the ability to quickly connects equpiment directly to the C24 without the need for a separate breakout box.

Output 21, 22, 23 are connected to powerCON TRUE1 outputs.

Output 24 is connected to a single Schuko outlet. This output can be customized depending on market with other types of outlets such as French Schuko, UK, Australian GPO and Swiss outlets.

Adaptable 3-phase outlet

The 3-phase 32A CEE output of the C24 is equipped with the same high quality magnetic hydraulic breaker we use for the 1-phase outputs. The breakar uses 4-poles to enable the same secure complete load isloation as the rest of the unit. 

The 3-phase output is equipped with a seperate RCD relay that enables you to adjust the earth leakage current and delay enabling you to adjust the output to different types of load. 

The RCD can be fully disabled with the use of the front controls in conjunction with a lockable key switch on the rear panel. The disable function can be locked out to prevent users from disconnecting the RCD function by misstake. 

Choice of multipin outputs

The C24 is avalible with the most common types of multipin outputs and also with 24 TRUE1 single outputs. 

C24A – 1x       4×19-pin “Socapex”, 6ch/connector.

C24A – 2x       4×16-pin “Harting”, 6ch/connector.

C24A – 3x       3×16-pin “Harting”, 8ch/connector.

C24A – 4x       3×24-pin “Harting”, 8ch/connector.

C24A – 5x       24 x Neutrik Powercon TRUE1.

C24A – 6x       24 x Neutrik Powercon (grey).