Electric Chain Hoists and Control Systems

Chain Hoist

Chain Hoist: BGV-D8

The compact form, robust aluminium casing and low unladen weight of ChainMaster rigging lift

Chain Hoist: D8 Plus

Increased safety, flexibility and efficient rigging for complex loads

Chain Hoist: BGV C1

Whether for installation work or complex scene changes, BGV C1 hoists are used worldwide

Manual Control

Serie CM-801

Flexible in use, comfortable to operate, versatile in its configuration and capable of implementing the operation

Serie CM-802

Rotary field and phase monitoring as well as the display of operating states are available even for single-hoist controllers

Serie CM-820

Growing companies can realize projects even as their requirements increase and the number of drives at their disposal grows

Serie CM-830

CM-830 series make powerful companions to electric chain hoists with integrated contactor controls

Stage Operator & Computer Control

D8plus Stage Operator

Developed for the safe setup-operation of chain hoist in direct control or low-voltage control

Protouch Stage Operator

Suitable for safe installation operation and a variety of stage drives such as winches

XYZ Computer Control

A reliable interface between the operator and the stage drives

Load Monitoring & Others

Load Cell & Shackles

Directly integrated into the load line to provide precise and uncompromised measurement

Stand Alone Display

Programmable display systems for simple, statically indeterminate loads


Round slings / Cables & cable assembly / Flight case etc

Custom Made Solutions

ChainMaster offers the possibility of satisfying the special requests of customers and producing custom solutions

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