Clamp – Tube Ø 48-51MM

Lightweight & low profile KUPO professional couplers are constructed from high tensile aluminum extrusion and have been developed for installations where load capacities of up to 500kg are required. The KUPO professional couplers combine strength and durability with a high degree of safety.



The Convi clamp, clamp, is made of lightweight cast alloy, can be securely mounted on any tube from 5 to 51mm and equipped with a saddle for mounting on to flat surfaces. The elastic P.U. pad also reduces surface damage and enhances gripping action. All metal parts are made of stainless steel for sturdier and anti-rusted features. The die-casting aluminum of locking knob provides with most rugged advantage. With built-in female socket allows the use of any attachments to hold anything from backgrounds to lighting fixtures. The spring safety locking system also offers double
insurance while the screw locking action is not completely finished