Dimension Pendant

The Dimension pendant is the ultimate tool for show rigging and running simple shows. The custom ergonomic enclosure is waterproof and a touchscreen, joystick and SIL3 safety devices are all built in.



The Dimension range of operator controls starts with the Dimension pendant.  It meets perfectly the demand for a fully capable handheld device with an intuitive easy to use interface.  Designed in-house by Kinesys the custom enclosure is ergonomic and compact while still including all the hardware required for both rigging and show operations.

The Dimension pendant is at home both indoors and out.  The unit is fully waterproof making it the perfect tool for festival and stadium show rigging.  It features a 7” resistive touchscreen that can be operated while wearing gloves.  Four tactile illuminated buttons offer GO/STOP controls that are easy to find even in low-light conditions and the built-in joystick allows simple manual running of devices as well as a speed override feature for pre-programmed cues.

Two three-stage enable buttons are located on the underside of the unit which ensures SIL3 level ‘dead man’s handle’ operation for both left and right handed users.  An illuminated emergency stop, enable key-switch and carrying handle moulded into the enclosure complete the list of hardware features.

Designed to evolve with user’s needs the software for the Dimension pendant includes both manual and cue running facilities.  Expansion possibilities allow for the control of not just Apex but also the Elevation, DigiHoist and Velocity 2 systems.  The software can also be customised to provide screens specific to a particular installation or application ensuring that operators can only access the devices they require and movements that are relevant to them.


• Waterproof custom enclosure
• 7″ Touchscreen display
• Four tactile multi-function illuminated buttons
• Joystick
• Hold to Run enable switches for left or right handed use
• Emergency Stop
• Enable key-switch
• Detachable cable

Lemo socket for data, power and safety