Elevation 1+

The Elevation1+ removes the need for large quantities of cabling and permits a number of motors and controllers to be supplied by single power and data cables.



Elevation1+ together with customised versions of the most popular models of chain hoist and trolley, such as Liftket, Lodestar, EXE and DST, represents the most flexible and reliable variable speed ‘open system’ available in the market.

Easy to install, simple to configure and with an ergonomic and compact design, it has the ability to ramp start, ramp stop, position and vary the speed of a chain hoist or trolley for maximum creative effect. With the addition of a simple adapter cable, the converted motors can be used as standard fixed speed machines allowing maximum flexibility of motor use.

The Elevation1+ can be controlled by K2 or Vector software packages and interfaces with other Kinesys products for a totally integrated show control system. 

Elevation1+ is available in both US and European voltage variants, with multiple fixings for hook clamps or half couplers which allow for a variety of mounting orientations.

• 32A mains input and output connections allow ‘daisy-chain’ operation
• Robust multipin connector for hoist connection – includes motor, brake, limit switch and encoder connections
• Remote control input allows full variable speed operation using a Kinesys pendant
• LED display, intuitive menu system and rugged manual control buttons allow for easy setup

8 + 24-pin ‘Harting’ connector

5-pin 32A ‘Ceeform’ type plug and socket to IEC60309

7-pin male XLR connector with female link out