Electrical and Staging Accessories



PLS Series / WPC Series / WPS Series / 19-Pin Cable Tester


7-Pin Motor ControlConnector

CEE Form

Line Male / Line Female / Panel Female / CEE Tester

Head to Ballast

6-Pin/7-Pin/9-Pin Head to Ballast Connector


K-Lok Plug / Receptacle / Dust Cover


Line Source / Line Drain / Panel Source / Panel Drain


20A/250V Lockable AC Power Connector / Power Chassis Mount Connector / Junction Box


XLR3 / XLR5 / AD-5M3F / AD-3M5F / AD-5M5F / AD-3M3F / XLR3W / XLR5W

Power & Cable

Power Distribution Box

Plastic / Steel Power Box

Cable Assembly

19pin Soca Extension Cable / Break-OUT / Break-IN etc

Versatile Socket

For Bs-546 Socket / 16a Schukoand Cee Form Socket

Y Splitter

Y Power Cord Splitter

Cable Management

Cable Crossover

2/3/4/5 Channel Rubber Cable Guard, Max. load 2000 kg

Cable Tie

Hook and Loop Fastener, 2 cm

Gaffa Tape

Gaffa Tape / Slim Gaffa Tape / Matte Gaffa Tape / Anti-slip Tape


KU-hand leather work gloves

Hoist Controller

Brief Case Controller (4-ch)

4-ch Controller, For 3-phaseDirect Control Chain Hoist

Brief Case Controller (8-ch)

8-ch Controller For 3-phaseDirect Control Chain Hoist

Handheld Simple Controller
(1-ch / 2-ch)

Single / 2 Channel Controller,For 3-phase Direct / Low Voltage ControlChain Hoist

19" Rack Mount Controller
(4-ch / 8-ch / 12-ch)

For 3-phaseDirect Control Chain Hoist


Convi Clamp

For 5-51mm Tube, Tuv Certified, swl 20 Kg


Half Coupler / Mighty Coupler / Swivel Coupler / Handcuff Coupler etc

Safety Wires

Galvanized Wire With Spriing Hook / Black PVC Coat / Quick Link
Swl 5 kg / 10 kg / 50 kg

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