Libra Modules

LibraBASIC is a power supply offering a simple and cost effective method of powering and monitoring LibraCELLs.

LibraPRO is a rack mountable safety hub, a linkable controller providing power and data to LibraCELLs.

LibraWIFI permits LibraWATCH to connect wirelessly.



The LibraPRO features four XLR4 outputs allowing up to 100 loadcells to be monitored. It also features four programmable relay outputs and Ethernet connectivity.

Integration is at the heart of the LibraPRO. Multiple LibraCELL outputs and USB and Ethernet connectivity make this the core of a Libra system.

LibraPRO relay outputs can be utilised to trigger alarms or beacons to warn of underload or overload situations. When LibraPRO is used with
LibraWATCH it can unleash its full potential.


• Connect up to 100 loadcells
• Ethernet connection for LibraWATCH
• USB connection for LibraVIEW
• Programmable relay outputs
• 4 x XLR4 data connections
• 1U 19” rack mounting case

4 x XLR4 female LibraCELL outputs • 1 x Ethernet (Ethercon) • 1 x USB (Type B)
• 2 x Mains Switched Relay Outputs • 2 x Volt Free Relay Outputs


A key advantage of LibraWIFI is its unique design, perfect for using at any live entertainment event.

The aerial can be easily mounted onto any truss, maximising the chances of generating the best signal without any limitations.

A built-in Firewall permits only Kinesys data into the Libra network which allows load data to be communicated in a fast, secure and safe way.

LibraWIFI is compatible with all Kinesys systems and can be plugged ‘into an Ethernet enabled DigiHoist to broadcast LibraCELL data without the
need of a LibraPRO.

LibraPRO and DigiHoist can be connected to an Ethernet network thereby allowing LibraWIFI to have access to all the load data in the system.
Wireless networks can be unpredictable under live show conditions – Kinesys recommends the use of a wired network connection whenever
possible if load monitoring is required during a performance.


• Allows LibraCELL data to be broadcast wirelessly
• Use with LibraWATCH
• Built in Firewall ensures a faster, safer, more secure load data network

An Ethernet connection (PoE) from LibraPRO provides power and data to LibraWIFI
• Supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz) • IEEE 802.11 a/n (5 GHz) option available

LibraBASIC offers a simple and cost effective method of powering and monitoring LibraCELLs.

When used in conjunction with the LibraVIEW software, data from the load cells can be viewed, grouped and logged easily. A USB socket makes
connection very simple.

The LibraBASIC is powered by an external universal power supply that allows the system to be used anywhere in the world.

The LibraBASIC can power up to 25 Libra load cells from the single XLR4 connection on the front of the unit.


• Powers up to 25 loadcells
• USB connection to the LibraVIEW software
• USB 2.0 compliant
• Single XLR4 data connection
• External universal power supply
• Data activity indicators

USB connection to LibraVIEW • XLR4 Output (powers up to 25 LibraCELLs)