LibraCELL is a load measuring shackle which, when combined with the other elements of the Libra system, produces accurate, real time load information.



The load cell itself features the Libra shackle pin, which is designed to work exclusively with the world-wide recognised Crosby safety bow shackle. This innovative design means there is no loss of headroom as the load cell is built right into the shackle, a direct replacement for the famous ‘red pin’. The Libra shackle maintains a safety factor of 5:1 up to the full rated load stamped on the side of the bow. 

Built into the load cell is a highly visible LED display allowing users to view the live load as well as input a tare value and switch between kg and lbs, all via an easy to use menu system.


• 3.25T and 4.75T capacity versions at 5:1 safety factor
• 1.62T and 2.37T capacity versions at 10:1 safety factor
• On board load readout in lbs or kg
• Shackle design means no loss of headroom
• Built in menu for setting tare and other options

XLR4 Power and Data Input • XLR4 Power and Data Output