Powersafe Line Connector

Phase 3’s Powersafe UL listed single pole connectors are for low voltage, high current connections up to 800A. The device’s mating system is mechanically keyed and locked, meaning they cannot be mis-mated accidentally under load.



Powersafe Powerlock Connector Set

A full Powersafe Connector Set includes 5 lines for three phase power distribution. The Powersafe powerlock connector set includes: EarthNeutralL1L2L3 industrial plug for electrical applications up to 800A. This powerlock set allows a quick method to order all 5 lines with the same technical specifications, for individual requirements please purchase connectors separate in the store.

Phase 3’s Powersafe single pole connectors are the highest rated, safest and finest quality industrial plug available. Powersafe are used by the power distribution, events, military and cable assembly industries worldwide. A set of Powersafe line connectors can easily terminate to copper cable using either industry standard crimp tools or set-screw contacts.

Secure coupling of the three phase plugs and sockets is achieved through an innovative mechanical locking system that disengages with a simple release key. Please note you can purchase these here: Buy a Powersafe Release Key

Benefits of the Powersafe Powerlock Connector Set

  • Mechanically Keyed to eliminate the possibility of cross mating
  • Secondary Locking prevent unintentional uncoupling under load
  • Finger-proof protection against electric shock IP2X
  • Waterproof & Dustproof to IP67 rated
  • Colour Coded for easy identification
  • Innovative contact band allows higher rating (400A > 500A, 660A > 800A)
  • Contact band cannot come out
  • High Impact Insulator (no glass used & flame retardant)
  • Field Installation no special tools required
  • Integral Cable Strain Relief
  • Daisy Chain Capability facilitates flexible stock cable lengths
  • Large Cable Range 25mm² – 300mm²

Ampage & Cable Size Explained

Powersafe Connectors are available in either source or drain format as 800A or 500A. Device ampage is determined by cable size. 300mm2-240mm2 power cable requires 800A plugs, 185mm2 – 25mm2 power cable requires 500A plugs.

Please note, if you require Powersafe for power cable less than Set Screw 120mm2, i.e. 95mm2, 70mm2, 50mm2, 35mm2, 25mm2, you must purchase a reducer kit separately.

Powerlock Connector Set

All Phase 3’s heavy duty industrial plugs are designed, assembled and manufactured in the UK with materials sourced from Europe and America. Our conductive metals are always 99.9% pure materials, as we deliver the highest quality product in the industry. Our Compliance Team have full control of the supply chain; all our main suppliers are ISO accredited businesses and products are UL, VDE and CE certified. Powersafe powerlock connector sets come with a hand grip as standard to assure protection of the insulator and improve usability. We offer customisation of the hand grip with your brand’s colours and logo depending on quantities ordered.

Powersafe three phase electrical device sets are the perfect safe alternative to Camlock Connectors. All our source and drain electrical devices are fully compatible with Litton VEAM, T4 400 amp and T6 660 amp powerlock, ITT Cannon and other manufacturers.