Rigger Handset

Designed to mimic industry-standard handheld controllers the Rigger offers an instantly recognisable method of operation with minimal training required.



A Rigger can operate variable speed chain hoists and trolleys and can be used in place of, or in conjunction with, a computer control system such as Vector or K2.

Using the flexible menu system on the Elevation1+ along with the on-board speed control, the Rigger can be used as a controller for simple set up operations where only basic movements are required.

It is not recommended to run shows using a Rigger handset unless allowed by your risk assessment.

An Emergency Stop button built into the handset and group halt functionality means that the Rigger provides a safe method of movement for set up purposes.

The Rigger will automatically scan and recognise all connected Elevation1+ units, further enhancing ease of use and operation.

• The ability to enable and disable the software limits using a bypass key
• Integrated speed control for use with variable speed hoists
• Positive, direct action toggle switches as well as separate Up, Down and Status indicators provide intuitive and instant feedback
• Integrated Emergency Stop button, multifunction key switch and a group halt feature ensure the unit can be operated safely and securely
• A single XLR7 cable provides the power and data connection required to operate the unit

7-pin male XLR connector with female link out