Le Maitre manufactures a wide range of fluids specifically prepared for their own machines and to ensure the best results for different applications.




Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid

Produces a thick, white, practically odourless smoke with a medium hang time.

Suitable for use with: G300 SMART; G300; GForce 1/2/3 smoke machines.

Low Smoke Fluid

This is a specially formulated fluid that is used in a smoke machine in conjunction with the Freezefog Pro, LSG and LSX/CO2 chillers to produce a low-lying effect.

It is odourless, non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-flammable. It forms a bond with liquid CO2 to produce a completely dry, low lying fog that acts in exactly the same way as dry ice fog but without the wet residue.

Suitable for use with: Freezefog Pro; LSG and LSX/CO2 chillers in conjunction with the G300, GForce 2 or GForce 3.

PureHaze Fluid

Le Maitre’s PureHaze fluid is specially formulated to produce very dry and very long lasting haze.

Designed to hang in the air and accentuate beams of light, it results in some of the best haze for lighting enhancement. 

PureHaze fluid is used in much smaller proportions to smoke fluid (used in some competitive haze machines), thus giving the benefit of atmosphere without the large consumable cost.

Suitable for use with: Neutron XS Hazer; MVS SMART; MVS and HazeMaster.