SX Range

The Robert Juliat optical system implemented in all profiles and followspots is based upon double condenser optics and a variable zoom. This ensures the maximum amount of light, a flat, even beam with no hotspot, and excellent image projection at all beam angles.

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660SX | LED 300 W
640SX | LED 150 W

Get enhanced performance with the new ZEP family members!

Combining power with a smooth flat beam, the new Zep 640SX and 660SX LED profile spots can be used as a direct complement or replacement for traditional 1k or 2k units but use only 150 W and 300 W of long life LED power resulting in huge cost saving.

Zep features an excellent colour rendering index and suit every application from the smallest theatre to the largest spectacular.

Zep spots offer a wide choice of colour temperatures with enhanced CRI reaching 92.

The integral flicker-free, dimmable, electronic PSU is ideal for studio applications; zero UV / IR emissions ensure protection for audiences, works of art and delicate or historic environments.

• SX range features 
• 150 W and 300 W LED sources – 50,000 hours*
• 640SX available in warm, neutral daylight and cool white
• 660SX available in warm, neutral daylight, cool, and variable white
• Built-in electronic flicker-free dimmable PSU
• Strobe function
• Choice of plastic (640SX only), metal or glass gobo
• 3 variable zoom options: 28° – 54° (643SX | 663SX), 16° – 35° (644SX | 664SX) and 11° – 26° (641SX | 661SX)
• Silent operation
• Run up to 19 Zep 640SX and 10 Zep 660SX from a single domestic power outlet 230V 16A

600SX Series

1000/1200 W Tungsten

Perhaps the most versatile of the Juliat profiles, the 600SX is the classic 1K/1.2K theatre fixture. Available with 3 different variable zoom options to cover every throw distance required, the 600SX is equally happy with on-stage positions, overhead and on side booms, on prosceniums and front of house.

Its advanced functions and optical quality make this fixture indispensable in opera houses, theatres and studios. The 600SX’s interchangeable lamp bases can be swapped with those of the Quincy range to give a choice of tungsten or discharge.

• SX range features 
• Available with 3 variable zoom options: 28° – 54° (613SX), 16° – 35° (614SX) and 11° – 26° (611SX)
• Interchangeable lamp bases with Quincy (MSD 575W) series
• Convection cooled lamp house requiring no fan

700SX2 Series

2000/2500 W Tungsten

Combining power with a smooth flat beam quality, the 700SX2 is the ideal profile for all long throw applications in medium to large theatres and opera houses.

Four lens tube options from short throw to very long throw include an extremely narrow 8°-16° lens for very long throw distances with no outsized lens tube. The medium 15° – 40° 714SX2 model is a favourite fixture for TV studios, especially on talk shows and news reports.

The 700SX2’s G22 lamp socket is extremely reliable, holding the lamp securely in place to ensure there is no arcing, even when the fixture is pointing vertically downward. The socket also offers a longer lamp life and enables the use of a 2500 W lamp.

• SX range features (see pages 18 & 19)
• Available with 4 variable zoom options: 29° – 50° (713 SX2), 15° – 40° (714 SX2), 10° – 25° (710 SX2) and 8° – 16° (711 SX2)
• Silent cooling fans – ideal for opera houses and studios
• G22 socket locking system exclusive to Robert Juliat – accepts 2000 W and 2500 W lamp


575 W MSD

Quincy is a bright discharge light source, ideal for projecting logos and images at corporate events or for architectural enhancement. Its A-size gobo gives maximum image area while the lens quality ensures sharply focused images. It is the perfect solution for projecting static images without having to resort to complex and demanding moving lights and DMX controllers.

Flexible and cost-effective solutions are offered by transforming a standard tungsten theatre profile spot into a discharge unit simply by changing the lamp base.

• SX range features
• Available with 3 variable zoom options: 28° – 54° (423SX), 16° – 35° (424SX) and 11° – 26° (421SX)
• Long lamp life (2000h)
• High colour temperature (6000K)
• Hot restrike
• Electronic PSU
• Excellent gobo projection
• Interchangeable lamp bases with 600SX (1000/1200 W tungsten) series



D’Artagnan is the one to call on when you need power! With no equivalent on the market, the 2500 W D’Artagnan is the most powerful of profiles.

Indispensable for dramatics effects at the opera, it is also ideal for outdoor TV recordings, fashion shows and large trade fair stands. It is the benchmark among profile spots for all large scale shows and can be seen in the spectaculars of Las Vegas and Macau and across the world.

More power does not mean less quality. D’Artagnan’s integrated motorised dimmer shutter gives perfect dimming, while maintaining a constant colour temperature of 6000K. Retaining all the functions of the SX Series profile spots, D’Artagnan is also an amazing long-throw gobo projector particularly appreciated in the advertising sector.

• SX range features 
• Available with 3 variable zoom options: 10° – 25° (930SNX), 16° – 38° (934SNX) and 29° – 50° (933SNX)
• Built-in DMX-control of motorised dimmer shutter and lamp ignition
• High colour temperature (6000K)
• Hot restrike
• Separate PSU
• Long distance gobo projection