Automated Lighting Fixtures for Larger Venues, Productions & Theatres

Series VLZ

VLZ Profile

The go-to professional moving profile luminaire

VLZ Spot

The go-to professional moving spot luminaire

VLZ Wash

The high output LED wash luminaire

Series 6000 & 4000 Luminaires

VL6000 Beam

The market leading mid-air effects fixture

VL4000 BeamWash

Combines stunning wash capabilities with intense beam functionality

VL4000 Spot

Includes all the tools needed to create dynamic and useful lighting on any stage

Series 3500 Luminaires

VL3500 Wash

An output that exceeds 70,000 lumens as well as varied new options for color and beam control

VL3500 Wash FX

The most versatile wash luminaire on the market

Series 2000 Luminaires

VL2600 Profile

It produces 19,000 lumens of high color tempurature, high contrast light output from its state-of-the-art 550W light engine.

VL2600 Spot

Offers a broader choice of saturated colors whilst maintaining the familiar Vari-lite colorpalette from the CMY color system.

VL2600 Wash

Includes an internal, beam-shaping framing system and has an adjustable beam edge feature.

Series 1100 Luminaires

VL1100 - 1100D Tungsten

Combines the ellipsoidal reflector spotlight with the versatility of an automated luminaire

VL1100 LED

Unique LED engine delivering high-CRI output and dimming


Delivers high quality light and consistent color reproduction

Series 800 Luminaires

VL800 BeamLine

A linear moving head unit offering a wide variety of unique effects and animation options.

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