Wallrack Dimming Panels

WALLRACK DIGITAL DIMMING PANELS are convection cooled (no fans) and yet extremely compact – great for distributed dimming schemes or just to get a lot of dimmers into a small space!




Designed for the 230/240V markets, Strand Lighting Wallrack digital dimming panels define the new standard in permanent installation dimming for small/medium entertainment and architectural venues, the Wallrack digital dimming panels are available in three sizes. Wallrack digital dimming panels are convection cooled (no fans) and yet extremely compact – great for distributed dimming schemes or just to get a lot of dimmers into a small space!

All versions of the Wallrack digital dimming panel are provided with plug-in control processors – stylish, easy to use, and very easy to maintain. Wallrack digital dimming panels have dual DMX512 inputs, so you can use a Strand Lighting console on one input and a DMX architectural control network on the other.

Wallrack digital dimming panels offer a simple panic feature too, for connection to emergency systems, or just for cleaners’ lights. All Wallrack digital dimming panels may be upgraded to earth-leakage protection at installation, using standard 4-pole RCDs.

Use two 4-pole 60 amp DIN rail mounting RCD, with DC pulse rating to upgrade the 24 x 2.5kW Wallrack digital dimming panel at time of installation.


  • Available in 24 x 2.5kW and 6 x 2.5kW configurations
  • 220-240VAC, 3-phase/single phase operation
  • MCB (SPN) protection for each channel
  • Field-upgradeable to RCD protection
  • Easy installation/compact size
  • Substantially overrated power devices
  • 8 remote pre-set closures and panic input
  • Plug-in control electronics for easy maintenance
  • LED indicators for 3 phases, DMX A and B, and over-temperature