grandMA3 User Training

The aim of this course is to familiarize the operator with the basic functions of the grandMA3 software and lighting consoles, as well as the operating philosophy.

Duration: 2 Days

Requirement: The “grandMA3 User Training” is an introductory course for users with knowledge of the MA Tips Videos. The trainees are strongly encouraged to complete grandMA3 e-Learning courses before attending the grandMA3 Transition Training.



  • Software philosophy
  • Hardware and connections
  • Setup
  • Patch
  • Views
  • Integrated 3D visualization

Simple Programming

  • Groups
  • Selecting and operating fixtures
  • Programmer concept

Presets and Sequences

  • Preset concept
  • Sequences and tracking
  • Saving and editing moods


  • Basics Phaser
  • Creating and editing Phasers

Further functions and settings

  • Programming tools
  • Timecode
  • Structure in the grandMA3


  • Network settings
  • Network protocols

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