The DigiLink module allows multiple DigiHandsets to be linked together to increase the number of channels controlled (Standard Mode) or allow control from multiple locations (Clone Mode).



The DigiLink unit offers the user the opportunity to control large numbers of DigiHoist remotely.

In order to control a system of greater than 32 channels multiple handsets are required.  The DigiLink connects up to four handsets together so that a single handset GO button can control up to 96 hoists.  While limiting the start of movement to a single GO button the DigiLink ensures that all emergency stops remain active at all times for maximum safety.

The DigiLink also offers an innovative Clone feature. This allows multiple handsets to take control of the same DigiHoist controllers.  The DigiLink ensures that only one DigiHandset has control of the hoists at any one time while ensuring all the emergency stops stay active.  Control is moved between handsets by simply pressing the emergency stop on any handset and then pressing RESET on the handset that is to take control.


  • 4 Inputs for connection to DigiHandset
  • 1 Output for connection to DigiHoist
  • Status and Presence Indicators for all connections
  • Standard and Clone modes
  • 2U 19” rack format

• 4 x Amphenol C16-3 Female 14 + PE for DigiHandsets             • 1 x Amphenol C16-3 Male 14 + PE for DigiHoists