Huracán-X is a marvel of technology that brings exceptional light output to a standard-equipment luminaire in a class by itself – a formidable graphical tool for enhancing creativity.



Fitted with a next-generation oversized cooling system and a high-efficiency 1000 W LED module, Huracán-X produces record output of 50,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 6500 K when operating at a steady state. For this exceptional luminaire, Ayrton has developed an entirely new complex colour mixing system with a double CMY saturation level capable of generating 281 trillion colours (patent pending). A triple variable colour temperature corrector allows subtle adjustment from 2700 K to 15000 K and offers noticeable CRI improvement. Designed to project complex graphical effects, HURACÁN-X boasts specifically developed optics that deliver an extremely uniform flat beam with no hot spot and reproduce high-definition images. The proprietary optical system, equipped with a 178 mm frontal lens, uses 13 lenses, producing an 10:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 6.2° to 62°.

Huracán-X offers an advanced framing section, which allows accurate positioning of four shutter blades on a 100% surface area in all positions, so that the user can frame any object regardless of the luminaire’s position.

Huracán-X is provided with an amazingly complete graphical system with one 7-position wheel for interchangeable effects cassettes or gobos. The wheel is fitted with 5 rotating gobos and 2 effects cassettes that can create dynamic effects by superimposing two complementary inverted images in counter rotation (patent pending). A second interchangeable gobo wheel is equipped with 7 rotating gobos. A monochromatic multi-position effects wheel allows horizontal, vertical or axial scrolling for creating flame, water or radiant effects (patent pending). A multi-layer CMY wheel can generate multicolour effects. The gobos, cassettes and effects wheel are made of high-definition tempered glass. Additionally, standard features in Huracán-X include a 15-blade iris diaphragm, a light and a heavy frost filter, 2 rotating prisms, a 5-facet circular and a 4-facet linear prism. Huracán-X is the ultimate graphical tool for applications requiring power and refinement.


• 13 elements 10:1 zoom high resolution optic system
• Beam aperture: 6.2° to 62°
• Fast motorised linear zoom
• Tempered anti-reflective coated lenses
• 178 mm frontal lens for greater performance

• 75,000 lumens 8000 K white light engine
• Total luminaire output: up to 50,000 lumens
• Colour temperature output: 6500 K
• CRI: greater than 70
• Rated life (L70): up to 40,000 hours
• Flicker-free source management suitable for TV applications and all video-recorded events

• Extremely accurate positioning
• Moving head operated via either 8 or 16 bit resolution
• High-resolution stepper motors operated via microprocessors to ensure extreme accuracy and smooth movement
• PAN and TILT automatic repositioning
• Moving head range: 540° (PAN), 270° (TILT)

• Complex colour mixing system with a double CMY saturation level capable of generating 281 trillion colours (patent pending)
• Variable CTB colour temperature correction
• Variable CTO colour temperature correction
• Variable CTP colour temperature correction
• Fixed colour wheel with six complementary colours

• Indexable rotating double layer cassette wheel with 2 effect cassettes and 5 high-precision glass gobos plus open position
• Indexable rotating gobo wheel with 7 high-precision glass gobos plus open position
• Adjustable speed rotating cassette and gobo in both directions
• Gobo diameter: 30.0 mm
• Image diameter: 25.0 mm
• Gobo thickness: 1.1 mm

• 4 individually positionable shutter blades on a 100% surface area in all positions
• Rotation of the framing system module: +/- 45°

• Fast iris diaphragm with adjustable dynamic effects
• Iris range: 15% to 100% open

• 2 frost filters: one light, one heavy

• Monochromatic multi-position graphical animation effects wheel with continuous rotation in both directions
• Colour graphic animation effect-wheel with continuous rotation in both directions
• 2 rotating and indexable prisms: one 5-facet circular, one 4-facet linear
• Sparkle effect: dynamic animation effect with speed and fade adjustment

• Electronic dimmer, allowing perfect light adjustment from 0 to 100% without colour variation
• Strobe effect, with speed adjustment from 1 to 25 flashes per second

• Local DMX addressing of luminaire and optional parameters through its built-in LCD control panel
• Remote DMX addressing of luminaire and optional parameters through a standard RDM DMX controller
• Information menu including hour counter, temperature & software version

• Graphic LCD Display for addressing and special functions settings, with flip function
• Clicking jog wheel to set functions
• Excess temperature protection
• Integrated wireless CRMX TiMo™ RDM receiver from LumenRadio™
• XLR 5-pin male and female connectors for DMX connection
• etherCON RJ45 IN / OUT connectors for ArtNet™ 
• powerCON TRUE1 male connector for power connection

• DMX 512 protocol, through DMX cable or a wireless system
• DMX-RDM compatible
• Stand-alone mode and Master/Slave modes
• ArtNet™ & sACN protocol through Ethernet cable
• Local control panel, with LCD display
• Choice of 3 DMX modes (from 44 to 70 DMX channels)

• Electronic supply with active PFC
• 100 to 240 Volts – 50/60Hz
• Power: 1,400 W maximum 

• Advanced liquid cooling system 
• Self-adjusting variable speed fans for quiet operation (Auto mode)
• Selectable ventilation user’s modes with a new Silent Mode
• Safety protection against temperatures excesses

• Moving head skeleton made of aluminium and steel metal plates
• Base in die-cast aluminium
• Heatsinks in aluminium and copper 
• Moulded covers in self-extinguishing fire retardant ABS PC (V0 class)
• Two side handles for transportation
• Four heavy-duty feet for better stability
• IP20 protection rating
• Exterior finish: black (Carbon)

• Fastening bracket system: two Omega ¼ turn brackets designed for use with standard clamps
• Mounting points: eight ¼ turn locking fittings allowing installation of Omega brackets on luminaire
• Safety cable attachment point

• Operating positions: all (device on floor or fixed to a support)
• Maximum permitted ambient temperature (Ta max): 45°C (113°F)
• Minimum permitted ambient temperature (Ta min): -10°C (14°F)
• Minimum usage distance: 2.0 m (6.56 ft)

• EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
• LVD Directive 2014/35/EU

• Product: 494 x 832 x 302 mm (l x h x d)
• Flight-case Foam:  710 x 575 x 650 mm (l x h x d)

• Product: 44.0 KG


*Specifications subject to change without notice.