Tibo Range

With its new optical system and its die-cast aluminium boadywork, the Tibo profile range introduces a brand new design backed by the same impeccable attention to ergonomic features present in every Robert Juliat fixture, Tibo is the most compact range of profiles.

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TIBO – 533


Tibo presents a new look in LED profile design: its compact, aesthetic appearance is only one of its many qualities.

Tibo combines a powerful, high-quality light source with an extremely low energy consumption (up to 35 projectors can be run off a single domestic power outlet 230V 16A) that make it a cost-effective, ‘green’ alternative. Its very low heat and UV emissions make Tibo LED ideal for use in listed venues, exhibitions, museums or when lighting valuable or lightsensitive objects.

Tibo LED is equipped with a separate power supply to ensure very fine dimming from 0 to 100% and has the option of wireless DMX control. Available in three colour temperatures, plus variable white, Tibo LED is designed to suit any application.

• Tibo profile range features
• 75W high intensity LED array (except for variable white, 36W)
• Double condenser optics
• Available in three colour temperatures : Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K) and Cool White (6500K)
• Variable White model available ranging from 2700K to 5700K (30W only)
• Lumen maintenance of greater than 70% after 50.000 hours*
• Separate flicker-free power supply with Neutrik® PowerCON TRUE1
• Local control, DMX and wireless DMX (as an option)

TIBO – 503

300 & 500 W

Available with lamps ranging from 300 W to 500 W, the Tibo tungsten profile offers a performance unparalleled in such a compact unit. A new, exclusive ellipsoidal mirror designed by Robert Juliat’s R&D department optimises the light output and ensures a high quality beam and precise
gobo projection.

As with all Tibo profiles, Tibo tungsten has a 360° rotating body and a unique optical system which offers the choice of two zoom ranges (30°/45 and 15°/ 35°) within one single unit.

Double electrical protection (microswitches) ensures safe use and maintenance which makes it ideal for use in school environments. Its compact size
also makes it perfectly suited to museums, churches and all small venues.

Together these features make Tibo tungsten the ideal solution from a technical, aesthetic and economic point of view.

• Tibo profile range features 
• Ellipsoidal reflector
• GY9.5 socket for 300 & 500 W lamps
• Access to the lamp secured by two safety switches
• Convection cooling
• Peak and flat adjustment

TIBO – 523

250 W HID

Tibo HID is a completely new tool for lighting professionals. Its C-DMT 250 W discharge source is extremely powerful yet housed in a very compact body. 

It presents a cost-effective lighting solution offering good value for money by virtue of its long lamp life and lower maintenance costs.

An ‘easy-to-integrate’ fixture, Tibo HID is ideal for the projection of static images, architectural applications and showcasing buildings.

For applications which require intense, non-dimmable light output, the 523 is the unbeatable, powerful solution.

• Tibo profile range features 
• Ellipsoidal reflector
• Convection cooling
• 8.000 hr lamp life (CDM-T 250 W)
• Colour temperatures available in 3000K and 4200K
• Separate electronic ballast