Safety Wire

Safety wire is the essential element to retain the equipment from unexpected fall-off and secure the accident from any damage.

Manufacturing workshop is fully equipped with tension and drop testing machine to ensure each batch of safety wire production meet the breaking force on respective standard. Computerized system is able to sync the testing report.



This is safety wire comes with an aluminum tag on which laser-engraved information indicates the year of manufacturing, diameter of the wire, and safe working load. Comply with European standard.

This safety wire is built with stainless steel hook and wire rope, and terminated with aluminum ferrule. With its rusty-free features, it is an ideal choice 

Safety Wire with Yoke Plate

Kupo extends the application of safety wire by adding a yoke plate on SW-01 safety wire. By fastening the plate to the yoke of lighting fixture, it offers an easier management for safety wire as the fixing point is just that clear. With this design, the safety bond won’t get lost any more as it is firmly attached to the yoke. A simple and clever accessory to the fixtures.

Safety Wire for Lighting Control Accessories

Unique design to add safety the accessories in front of lighting fixture. Black finish makes it low-keyed against luminary. Dia. 2mm wire and overall 60cm length provides the maximum utility.