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Avolites: Sapphire Touch - Ultrafast programming with two wide screen touch monitors offering a huge workspace area. Ultimate live control from 45 motorised master faders offers silk smooth operation or automated playback. Unique Avo sketchfast legends are fast to draw digitally and easy to locate during showtime.


Vari-Lite: VL4000 & VL4000GT Spot luminaires - Every aspect of the luminaire has been designed with performance in mind. The 1200W VL4000 Spot boasts 25,000 lumens and features a new colling system that quietly draws air into the fixture while high resolution optics ensure remarkable center-to-edge focusing and an unprecedented contrast ratio.

Robert Juliat: RJ TIBO - A truly innovative, multiple light-source model, the RJ TIBO profile presents a compact and lightweight solution in a visionary, modern design. TIBO offers a choice of different powerful and long-term lighting sources (LED, tungsten or discharge) specified for a comprehensive range of diverse applications.

Coolux: Pandoras Box Compact Player - The new coolux COMPACT Player is an extremely versatile hardware based media player, that is both small in size and great when it comes to reliability and power. The robust COMPACT Player was developed for professional 24/7 use and is built using server grade hardware.


 JB Lighting: Sparx7 LED Wash - The Sparx 7 is equipped with 19 multi-chip RGBW LEDs in the 15W class and includes, inter alia, a unique cooling system allowing maximum power consumption at a minimum noise level, integrated radio DMX and 3phase stepper motors for real rapid and precise movements.


Philips Showline: SL Nitro 510 - The SL NITRO 510 is a cutting-edge new LED based strobe luminaire that provides intense bursts of light and dynamic effects. The tightly packedarray of over 1300 high power LEDs ensures maximum output and full-field, even distribution across 120° .

Kupo DMX Lighting Bar - Lighting Bar fabricated with power and signal connector. Versatile Socket feasible for 16A CEE, Schuko and BS546. The specificatios; Dia. 51mm aluminium alloy tube with ABS-injected versatile socket, 20A power connector for main input and output, 3-pin or 5-pin female XLR for DMX in and through connection, Schuko or CEEE female mounted on versatile socket, 4-outlet and 6-outlet version available.



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